[vdr] [subtitles-plugin] Is it possible to change the PIDS in a recording on the fly?

Petri Helin petri.j.helin at welho.com
Wed Sep 14 20:01:05 CEST 2005

Anssi Hannula wrote:

> Petri Helin wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> Petri Helin wrote:
>>>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>>> Once version 1.4 is released I will certainly implement
>>>>> subtitle support in the core VDR at some point, and then
>>>>> you will be able to select subtitle tracks just as you can
>>>>> with audio tracks now.
>>>> This is nice to hear.
>>>> Now that you compared subtitling and audio streams I should 
>>>> propably tell you that they are experimenting with an "audio 
>>>> subtitling" in Finland which means that there is a possibility to 
>>>> select a subtitling which is read by a some kind of a 
>>>> synthetisizer. In set-top boxes this is done so that you select 
>>>> dutch (not that common language in Finland) from the subtitles 
>>>> menu. In VDR this brings up dutch as an option in the audio 
>>>> selection menu.
>>>> This is from syslog:
>>>> changing pids of channel 1 from 512+128:650=fin:2321 to 
>>>> 512+128:650=eng,652=dut:2321
>>>> How do you think this has been done? I mean the difference between 
>>>> set-top boxes and VDR. Not that important though, just curious 
>>>> about it.
>>> I'm afraid I don't understand your question.
>>> From the channel entry they're apparently advertising two audio
>>> tracks, an English one on PID 650 and a Dutch one on PID 652.
>>> What else is VDR supposed to do than to bring up these two
>>> audio tracks?
>> For what I know is that in set-top boxes the selection is supposed to 
>> be made from the subtitles menu, not from the audio menu. I don't own 
>> a set-top box, so I cannot confirm that it really is so. Now that I 
>> think it again I must remenber incorrectly and it really is an audio 
>> stream.
>> The reason why I brought this up is that I thought that there would 
>> be a way to use that mechanism which causes the syslog line above to 
>> notice change in subtiling PIDs.
> Where did you get this information that they are supposed to be 
> selected from the subtitles menu? I have heard of the audio subtitles 
> too, but I thought they were simple audio streams.
It looks like I got the information straight from my own head ;) I did a 
bit googling and found out that it is really a simple audio stream and 
also located in the audio selection menu on set-top boxes.  I must have 
made wrong conclusions about the announcements on the dynamic 
subtitling. It was said that "the dynamic subtitling makes it possible 
to use several subtiling languages and special services like subtitling 
for those with hard-of--hearing".  In finnish here: 


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