[vdr] diseqc 8/1 or 10/1 switches and vdr?

"Sami J. Mäkinen" sjm at almamedia.fi
Wed Sep 14 23:09:19 CEST 2005

CopyPoint wrote:
> has anyone tried one of these 8/1 or 10/1 diseqc switches ?
> do / will they work with vdr?

They sure will, provided that you know how to command the switch,
and your dvb-s card and its driver can do diseqc properly.
I have a full-featured Hauppauge dvb-s and it works just fine.

Enable diseqc in your vdr, and with diseqc.conf you can do
pretty much anything you want.

For example, I have five LNBs in two dishes, cabled together
with one 4-port diseqc switch and one A/B switch like this:

#  ---------------------
#  |    4-port switch  |-- to receiver
#  ---------------------
#   1     2     3     4
#   |     |     |     |
# 19.2E 13.0E 28.2E  A/B
#  LNB   LNB   LNB   | |
#                 5.0E 1.0W
#                 LNB  LNB

With a  diseqc bus spec pdf, I was able to craft up a suitable
diseqc.conf for my LNB configuration.

Drop me a note if you want a copy the the diseqc spec or my sample config.


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