[vdr] How does VDR handle AFD?

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Wed Sep 14 23:16:33 CEST 2005


Christian Gmeiner wrote:

> i am currently interested in this topic and wanted to know how VDR does 
> handle this. If you dont know what AFD is:
> http://www.pjdaniel.org.uk/afd/index.html
> http://www.dtg.org.uk/publications/books/afd.pdf
> I think that VDR needs a menuentry where the user must specify what kind 
> of tv-set he owns (4:3 or 16:9).
> If we add this we could make use of the AFD header in VDR. Maybe i am 
> wrong and AFD is allready supported by VDR.

Well, I've added extracting AFD information in xine. But so far, I do 
nothing more than storing this information as stream info.

As far as I can tell, VDR doesn't extract any AFD information from video 
streams. But it should not be too complicated to add this to 
cRemux::ScanVideoPacket(), due to the repacking of cVideoRepacker.

AFD information appears in the video stream after user data startcodes 
(0x000001B2) and these appear before picture start codes (0x00000100). 
Typically, there are only a few bytes between those startcodes. And as 
cVideoRepacker ensures a new PES packet for each picture, AFD 
information should be in the same 2048 byte block where 
ScanVideoPacket() finds the picture start code.

The next few lines are from xine-lib/src/libmpeg2/decode.c:

/* check Active Format Description ETSI TS 101 154 V1.5.1 */
else if (buffer[0] == 0x44 && buffer[1] == 0x54 && buffer[2] == 0x47 && 
buffer[3] == 0x31)
   int afd = (buffer[4] & 0x40) ? (buffer[5] & 0x0f) : -1;
   _x_stream_info_set(mpeg2dec->stream, XINE_STREAM_INFO_VIDEO_AFD, afd);

And these are from xine-lib/include/xine.h:

/* possible values for XINE_STREAM_INFO_VIDEO_AFD */
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_NOT_PRESENT         -1
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_0          0
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_1          1
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_BOX_16_9_TOP        2
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_BOX_14_9_TOP        3
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_5          5
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_6          6
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_7          7
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_4_3_CENTRE          9
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_16_9_CENTRE         10
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_14_9_CENTRE         11
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_RESERVED_12         12
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_4_3_PROTECT_14_9    13
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_16_9_PROTECT_14_9   14
#define XINE_VIDEO_AFD_16_9_PROTECT_4_3    15

But don't expect this feature to be part of VDR-1.4.

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