[vdr] Pb with softdevice and vdr in deamon mode

Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at hut.fi
Thu Sep 15 00:04:23 CEST 2005

Hi Dominique,

> You have an intestering setup. My concern is that my home PC is my
> only machine at home. It's used for a lot of other applications
> besides vdr. So I'll first try streamdev plugin. 

I see.  Generally, I think usability can be improved by reducing the
set of features.  It's easy to use a dedicated VDR box with a small
remote control unit.  If you want to have a general-purpose PC in your
living room, you will need a clumsy keyboard and mouse too, and you
can't expect a random visitor to be able to use the system.  For
instance, if you control vdr with a wireless keyboard+mouse unit, you
will have to map some keys to unintuitive places, such as using the
function keys as the color keys.

Good luck with your project, and please keep us updated.

> I'll keep that in mind, but for now, I'd rather run plain vanilla xorg
> so my son will still be able to play tuxracer.

The MythTV box of a friend of mine has a games menu. :-)  However,
I got the impression that MythTV has much more dependencies than
VDR and it has been written with analog TV in mind, not DVB.


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