[vdr] Pb with softdevice and vdr in deamon mode

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 00:24:03 CEST 2005

In <20050914220423.GD71839 at kosh.hut.fi>, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> Hi Dominique,
> > You have an intestering setup. My concern is that my home PC is my
> > only machine at home. It's used for a lot of other applications
> > besides vdr. So I'll first try streamdev plugin. 
> I see.  Generally, I think usability can be improved by reducing the
> set of features.  It's easy to use a dedicated VDR box with a small
> remote control unit.  If you want to have a general-purpose PC in your
> living room, you will need a clumsy keyboard and mouse too, and you
> can't expect a random visitor to be able to use the system.  For
> instance, if you control vdr with a wireless keyboard+mouse unit, you
> will have to map some keys to unintuitive places, such as using the
> function keys as the color keys.

My VDR box is connected only to my TV with no keyboard or mouse, and I
use the DVB card's remote to control it when I'm watching things on it.
But I don't want it playing TV all the time, because I'm only watching
it for a fraction of the time it's switched on, because I also use it
for long downloads, running it remotely with VNC and ssh. As the system
has a budget DVB card and Matrox G450 I would normally use softdevice
[1], and the significant CPU usage would be a nuisance and possibly
enough to make a difference to my electricity bill. So I'd really like a
suspend feature. There is the suspend-output plugin, but I don't think
you can make it start up suspended, and it hasn't caught up with recent
changes to VDR, at least not of last week.

[1] I can't even do that for now, because I use it for watching
downloaded TV programmes too, and softplay isn't working with those ATM.
So I use the xine plugin for output without running xine and just use
vdr as a recording daemon with vdradmin; or would vdr function without
an output device at all? To be able to browse files to play with MPlayer
on my hardware I've had to write my own menuing software using DirectFB
for display and input device for control.

TH * http://www.realh.co.uk

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