[vdr] ANNOUNCE: graphlcd-0.1.2

Andreas Regel andreas.regel at gmx.de
Sat Sep 17 15:00:23 CEST 2005


here is a new release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for VDR.

You can download the packages from the berlios project's file page:

Changes since 0.1.2-pre6:
- glcddrivers: ks0108: Improved timings: Made setting of display control 
lines like defined in the controller's data sheet. This fixes problems 
with some display types. Thanks to Matthias Breitbach for providing a 
LCD of that type.
- glcddrivers: gu256x64-3900:
   - Corrected calculation of m_nTimingAdjustCmd.
   - Added a test for RefreshDisplay config value to prevent a floating 
point exception to occur when it is set to zero.

- Fixed length of timebar in case event lasts longer.
- Added a patch for VDR 1.3.29 and up that adds a new method Tick() to 
the cStatus class. This method is called from vdr's main task every 
second. The patch should apply to older versions too, maybe small 
changes are needed.
- Now querying the replay state in the cStatus::Tick() method if available.
- Now loading config file in cPluginGraphLCD::Initialize and not in 
ProcessArgs. So it is possible to view the help page without specifying 
config file and display.
- Rearranged includes to prevent an compiler error regardings the swap 
- Added a check for EIT scanner activity in 
cGraphLCDState::ChannelSwitch function to prevent showing channel logos 
during replay.
- Added a check for file extension in replay type identification (thanks 
to Andreas Brachold).
- Added channel logos for Radio Eins (thanks to Andreas Brachold).

For the next release I will concentrate on bringing skinning support to 
the plugin. I plan to use an modified and extended version of the 
text2skin file format for defining the layout.


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