[vdr] burn bug?

Leo Márquez leo at calidae.net
Sun Sep 18 11:22:41 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have compiled the plugin correctly but when I try to use it fails. In 
dvd.log I see:

Parameter validation not complete yet
Initialising and analysing the streams....
Can not open /video/Passatgers/2005-09-08.22:00.99.99.rec001.vdr: File 
not exists

The correct file is

/video/Passatgers/2005-09-08.22:00.99.99.rec/001.vdr  Note the slash 
between .rec and 001

I supose it's a bug but I don't know where can I solve it.

Another question about vdr-burn. I have searched it but I see a lot of 
info in german, and not understand it.
Is possible to burn a dvd-rw without have formatted it before? the 
plugin format the dvd or I have to use a blank dvd?

Thank you.

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