[vdr] Updated suspend patch for vdr 1.3.32

Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at hut.fi
Sun Sep 18 14:22:38 CEST 2005

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 08:54:15AM +0200, Jan Wagner wrote:
> Sure. I tested i live mode. Whenever I pressed Power the syslog said
> "power button pressed". But the picture did not freeze or anything. When
> I looked in Setup.Misc.Suspended it was toggled, means set to yes. When
> I repeated pressing the power button it toggled back to no.

It looks like your card decodes live video completely independent of
VDR.  Thus, my patch might only be beneficial to softdevice or perhaps
dxr3 users.  (I don't know if the power consumption and heat dissipation
of the dxr3 depends on whether it is decoding anything.)

> > I would expect the suspend flag to work when viewing recordings.
> > Did you test it?  The picture should freeze, like in pause mode,
> > and maybe go black after a while, in case the firmware on your
> > card features some "end of stream timeout", like the vdr-softdevice
> > plugin does.
> Just tested that. After a few seconds the picture freezes when replaying
> a recording. You can still use the OSD though. So you can press OK and
> the status window just pops up. When I press power again, the Recording
> starts playing again.

This is how it was designed to work.  It might not be the most intuitive
way, but with my limited knowledge of vdr internals I couldn't come up
with anything better.  At the very least, the picture should really
be blanked, because it will just freeze on full-featured cards and dxr3.
Softdevice will freeze the picture practically immediately and blank
the screen in a few seconds, but OSD will still work.

I understand very well why my patch cannot be incorporated in the
stable 1.4 series.  I hope that a better solution can be developed
for vdr 1.5.  


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