[vdr] Re: [bug] vdr-burn-0.0.6h - badly mixed up multiple recordings when requanting

Ralf Müller rmvdr at bj-ig.de
Wed Sep 21 10:17:57 CEST 2005

On Mittwoch 21 September 2005 09:52, Lucian Muresan wrote:

> [ ... ] but my question is, who's
> maintaining this plugin right now actually, is it actively
> maintained? I'd like to know, because I'd like us to be effective
> with these patches and I don't know if someone is already working on
> other enhancements or bug fixes...

This 0.0.6xy stuff is maintained by me. Actually I don't had too much 
time for it the last few month but I try to integrate fixes whenever 
possible. I will see if I will find some hours for it this weekend.


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