[vdr] VDSB with Kernel 2.6.13

Stephan Schreiber stephan at sschreiber.de
Wed Sep 21 22:00:52 CEST 2005

Okay, here's the conclusion of my tests ("dead" Nova-CI budget cards):

Gentoo-Kernel 2.6.13-r2, current CVS driver  -> Video Data Stream Broken
Gentoo-Kernel 2.6.12-r9, current CVS driver  -> works a charm
Vanilla Kernel 2.6.14-rc1, built-in driver   -> Video Data Stream Broken
Vanilla Kernel, current CVS backpatched -> works a charm

Same goes for older CVS drivers.
All Kernels were configured using basically the same 2.6.12 .config and
defaults otherwise.

Definitely(?) a Kernel issue.
Where to report such a thing? (I most probably won't want to be stuck with
2.6.12 forever...)

Good Night

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