[vdr] HDTV and VDR

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Thu Sep 22 10:27:28 CEST 2005

> Sep 21 20:12:19 vdr vdr[15760]: ERROR: no useful data seen within 10717880
> byte of video stream
> Sep 21 20:12:35 vdr vdr[15749]: ERROR: CI MMI: unknown tag 9F8800
> Sep 21 20:12:48 vdr kernel: dvb-ttpci: warning: timeout waiting in
> BlitBitmap
> ()
> Sep 21 20:12:58 vdr kernel: dvb-ttpci: warning: timeout waiting in
> BlitBitmap
> ()
> Sep 21 20:13:14 vdr vdr[15749]: ERROR: CAM: Read failed: slot 0, tcid 1
> Sep 21 20:13:47 vdr vdr[15749]: CAM: Conax 4.00e, 01, 0B00, 04B1
> Sep 21 20:14:16 vdr vdr[15749]: ERROR: CI MMI: unknown tag 9F8800

My guess is that FF cards hardware DECSA-module cannot cope with the datarate of HDTV. Other option is that stream-server 'captures' data stream before DECSA is run to it, so it cannot sync & stream the MPEG data.

First try free HD channels on Astra 19.2E to see if those works. After that you may add complexity to your setup like CAM modules.

One option is to add a budget DVB-S card to your setup.

> I'm planning to use a machine with DVI output (X,fb,DirectFB or similar)
> and
> display on a HD-ready 40" LCD, streamed from my main VDR. Can this be made
> today? Please report success stories.

For watching C MORE HD you probably need FFDECSA software (if hardware DECSA cannot do the job or stream-server cannot see decrypted traffic), so your main CPU decrypts the stream. Then you need card reader ("Phoenix interface") to read your Canal+ card, and a vdr-sc and vdr-softdevice / vdr-xine / vdr-stream-server.
On Linux side then you need at least a 3GHz machine to do FFDECSA, HD decode and proper deinterlace for video signal. Then you need a decent VGA adapter to support 2k x 2k overlays, minimum AGP 4x etc. For audio output a SPDIF output from mainboard / soundcard.

But this is not a report of success story watching C MORE HD on a VDR, just a guess what probably needs to be done.

For me plain free to view HD channels a budget DVB-S and vdr-xine + vdr-streamdev works fine for DVI-out and projector. And also VLC / WMP plays streams nicely on windows side. 

Best regards, Jori

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