[vdr] vdr-burn features whishlist & intention, request for comments

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 22 12:10:18 CEST 2005


This would be my wishlist on which I'm willing to contribute myself, and
would like to know your opinions, including Ralf's. I would investigate
myself how to accomplish them (right now I don't know exactly how to do
them), unless there already are known intentions (or at least know-how)
by others in these directions:

- making audio tracks one wants to keep in every recording selectable
(some prefer AC3 tracks, some don't) per recording, and also giving
proper language ID to the resulting DVD audio track (if availabele from
the VDR recording.
- fixing the character encoding context in imlib2 text rendering of the
recording information text for non-latin1.
- implement one more special "store mode" which actually just generates
a script with the proper parameters and calls to vdrburn.sh (maybe parts
of the log file) to be able to run it by hand if problems occured. Maybe
some options to preserve the temporary files, sometimes if for example
only generating the menues have gone wrong, it's not necessary to start
over with demuxing/cutting, requanting and muxing again, but only
continue from the menu and the author the DVD again. The generating of
this script could also be done in other store modes, and the script
would be placed in the ISO folder...

Comments? Technical suggestions? Is the code already prepared for any of


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