[vdr] Softdevice or Xine?

Jan Ekholm chakie at smultron.net
Mon Sep 26 10:53:09 CEST 2005


We've been happily using VDR with a video projector for almost a year now
without any problems. The projector gets a s-video signal from VDR using
one of those "add-on" cards that plug into the J2 connector. S-video gives
an ok but kinda blurry image. The card seems to be able to provide some
kind of component signal too as it has an additional SCART-connector as
a separate module, but we've never figured out how to get that one
connected and as we've already burnt the J2 of one DVB card, we're a bit
careful with anything connected to the J2 connector.

So, as s-video seems to be the best we can get out from the DVB cards
we've looked at getting the image out using the normal video output of
the system. The projector has an input for DVI/HDMI/VGA and the VDR
system has DVI/VGA out, so it seems like that would be the best way to
go to get a good image out, preferably avoiding any analog conversions
along the way.

There seems to be two solutions that are currently used:



Those seem to be the best homepages for the plugins, but as I'm no native
German speaker (I can order a beer, but that's about it) I have a fairly
hard time grokking the finer details of pros and cons.

What do you others use when you want to get a good image from VDR? Which
of those plugins is the preferable solution in this case? The system in
use should cope just fine with some decoding done by the CPU. The system
has a Sempron-something 2400+ and an ATI fanless 9250 card (I think it


Jan Ekholm
jan.ekholm at smultron.net

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