[vdr] Softdevice or Xine?

Seppo Ingalsuo seppo.ingalsuo at iki.fi
Mon Sep 26 13:11:09 CEST 2005

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>What do you others use when you want to get a good image from VDR? Which
>of those plugins is the preferable solution in this case? 
I tried with a small VGA monitor with good results and with Nvidia 
s-video out for normal TV but found out soon that deinterlacing and 
again interlacing for s-video output is not a good idea.

+ I was able to make good looking 16:9 display settings (crop the nasty 
blue lines from left of 4:3 video)
+ Accompanied softplayer plugin uses familiar vdr look & feel for other 
video formats and music playback
+ Quite simple to setup for a set-top-box like setup
- I have experienced some but fortunately quite rare hang-ups, watchdog 
restart may trash ongoing recordings
- Not as many deinterlacers and post-processing settings as in Xine
- Sometimes stuttering in video, especially in 1080i HDTV

+ Very stable, xine-ui or gxine may crash (very rare) but I have never 
seen vdr crashes or hangs
+ Smooth playback, normal TV & 1080i HDTV
- I was not able to get rid of the blue vertical lines in 4:3 picture 
when rendered to 16:9 screen with correct aspect ratio. I couldn't find 
a suitable crop setting. Zoom in feature in xine doesn't help unless 4:3 
picture is zoomed to fill entire 16:9 screen.
- Requires quite a lot of scripting work for automatic running 
set-top-box like system, softdevice x11 requires too but here we have a 
bit more to care about
+/- It is possible to use xine or vdr plugins to play other media such 
as mp3, avi, etc. I've preferred vdr plugins for music and xine for dvd 

Both of these are quite good choises in my opinion :^)


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