[vdr] Softdevice or Xine?

Niko Mikkila nm at phnet.fi
Mon Sep 26 14:33:51 CEST 2005

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:06:07 +0300 (EEST)
"Jan Ekholm" <chakie at smultron.net> wrote:

> Well, as this is a dedicated VDR box without any keyboard, mouse or normal
> VGA screen restarting Xine is the same as restarting the whole system. I
> don't have a desktop where Xine will be running and where I can just
> restart it, it's all on the same headless system.

If the MPEG-2 decoder or some other display component in Xine crashes
on a corrupted packet, VDR would still stay up. Also simultaneous
recordings wont be interrupted. And even on a "headless" system (you still
have the head which you use Xine on, don't you), with some scripting,
you can shut Xine down when you are not actually watching anything,
but there are recordings going on. This further improves stability.

> Heh, you expect us to see HDTV in Finland for a few years? Of course some
> HDTV content is available through satellite and could be fun to play
> with (still need to bite the gory tools and install a dish for that)... :)

I meant that you don't have to worry about your system being fast enough for
software MPEG-2 decoding. Our HDTV will be using MPEG-4 AVC format, which
requires a couple times more horsepower though. I think we'll probably have to
wait 3-5 years for terrestrial broadcasts.

Niko Mikkilä

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