[vdr] Softdevice or Xine?

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 26 22:26:12 CEST 2005

I demand that Jouni Karvo may or may not have written...

> I have a dedicated VDR box running vdr-xine with P4 2.4GHz and Radeon 9200.

> Stability is not currently a problem (1.3.27) - since spring the system has
> been easily up more than a day :)  It has stayed up without problems for at
> least a week, but due to my usage of nvram-wakeup, I have no statistics of
> longer uptime.

> The reason why a separate xine is nice is that currently the setup eats up
> all the CPU cycles. [...]

Hmm? I'm seeing around 30% CPU usage with gxine (2GHz Athlon, Radeon 9200,
266MHz bus, AGP 4x).

> Btw. if someone has any hints on how to reduce used cpu cycles, they are
> warmly welcome.  And yes, I use the fglrx driver - without that the picture
> is jerky.

Something's evidently not right with your setup. Are you using Xv? Have you
tried the native R200 support in a recent 2.6 kernel and X?

A patch which recently went into xine-lib CVS HEAD helps somewhat (it
optimises the video buffer allocation somewhat, which affects things like
software deinterlacing).

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