[vdr] Softdevice or Xine?

Seppo Ingalsuo seppo.ingalsuo at iki.fi
Wed Sep 28 08:53:37 CEST 2005


Darren Salt wrote:

>Something else to try: GTK+ (fb port) with gxine. I'd be interested in
>knowing how well this works and in any patches for gxine which are needed to
>make this work (if it doesn't already).
This is a bit off-topic but perhaps not totally:

I haven't tried fb but instead a minimal X running as 2nd session by 
enabling one more session and automatically logging in user vdr through 
gdm.conf settings. The problem with gxine is that command line parameter 
"-f" doesn't work trough my .xsession script. I think I got a full 
screen mode but no video (black screen, I don't remember what happened 
to audio). Gxine also seems to require a window manager so I started 
metacity as well. This same .xsession script works without "-f" for 
gxine. Similar script works with xine-ui and it doesn't require a window 
manager. Gxine has a very nice user interface, it would be good if this 
could be corrected.

The versions I tested were about two weeks old cvs versions of libxine 
and gxine.

Here is my .xsession



## Start a window manager
/usr/bin/metacity &

## TV-out setttings
/usr/bin/nvidia-settings -l

## Run Gxine in fullscreen mode
/usr/local/bin/gxine -f -S -V xv -A alsa 

## Run xine in fullscreen mode
#/usr/local/bin/xine --no-splash --hide-gui --fullscreen -V xv -A alsa 


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