[vdr] max. colors in OSD ?

Martin Dauskardt md001 at gmx.de
Wed Sep 28 15:02:53 CEST 2005

There are several themes for the sttng-skin (cool, blue ...) which all give
errors in the log ("too many different colors used in palette") .

I want to create an own theme without this error :-)

What I learned is, that the "central area" of the osd menu is limited to 4
colors (cards with 2MB). The buttons below (red, green, yellow, blue) seem
to be a different area.

So how do I count the colors in the central area?

For example, the default sttng theme seems to have only **two** colors in
the main menu:
-yellow (FFFCC024)
-black (7F000000 for background and FF000000)
When I change the Background to another color, the above mentioned error
message appears immidiately when i open the main menu. So it seems that
000000 counts as one color, no matter which value I use for transparency,
If so, which is the third and fourth color in the central area of the main

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