[vdr] streamdev-client -- doesn't connect to streamdev-server

Thomas Glomann mailinglists at glomann.de
Thu Sep 29 10:40:18 CEST 2005


on my client (no dvb-device) I have compiled latest vdr (1.3.33) with 
streamdev plugin (cvs) , and xine plugin.
When I start VDR, it says "channel not available".
in the setup menu i set "start client" to yes, set IP to the server, and port.
I think the server-VDR runs just fine, there is a ff dvb card, also latest vdr 
with streamdev-server plugin.
both VDRs have the same config files (like channels.conf).
streamdevhosts.conf is configured to the clients IP adress.
So I think everyting should be set up just fine.

But I always get "channel not available" on the client. (using skincurses 
Xine can connect to client-VDR, but shows just the "no-signal" sceen.

So any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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