[vdr] Radio channels in VDR

Mike CatweazleG at gmx.de
Thu Sep 29 10:56:24 CEST 2005

> there are some points that I don´t like with the current implementation 
> of radio channels:
> 1) I have sorted my channel list lately and have put the new German 
> radio channels (BR, HR, WDR etc.) at the beginning of the channels.conf. 
> But after an EPG scan, I got all those channels again and the end of the 
> channels.conf, so that I have all of them twice. Unfortunately, I don´t 
> have access to my channels.conf now so that I can´t post parts of it, 
> but if somebody else has this problem, this seems to be a VDR bug as 
> long as Astra does not send those channels twice.

I've seen that as well for the last few weeks.
when looking for the details, I found the source different.
It's S19.5E instead of S19.2E.

I don't know if it's a bug or realy broadcasted that way.

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