[vdr] max. colors in OSD ?

Martin Dauskardt md001 at gmx.de
Thu Sep 29 13:56:13 CEST 2005

> The central area uses the colors
> clrMenuItemCurrentFg     = clrBlack
> clrMenuItemCurrentBg     = clrYellow
> clrMenuItemSelectable    = clrYellow
> clrMenuItemNonSelectable = clrCyan
> clrBackground            = clrGray50
> which makes for a total of four different colors.
> Klaus

I guess you forgot to mention clrMenuFrame (which is also yellow) , right?
But I still get the error when I use not more than 4 colors for these 6
items. Maybere there are more items?

And does this mean, that the max. of 4 colors is related to **all** items
which can appear in **any** menu page within the central area?
Or in other words: When I press the menu button the first time, the main
menu apperas. There I can`t see any cyan color; it seems to be used in other
menu pages (like program/epg). Nevertheless, the error message apperars
immidiately, before I use a menu page where cyan is used.

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