AW: [vdr] Cleanup Thread (like .update) at
Thu Sep 29 14:42:18 CEST 2005

vdr-bounces at wrote:

>> Is there a possibility to implement the same way .update works a way
>> to start the cleanup thread which is deleting the deleted recordings
>> ? I'm usually low an diskspace and when try to free space for new
>> recordings it
> Why you just don't do command.conf file with entry for removing
> video-directories with postfix del, and after deleting touch .update? 

First because i have 4 Videovolumes (check if there is a link, kill the
original file etc.pp.). 
Second i like it to kill recordings during recordings and then i don't want
the kill process to start (like VDR is doing it, it only tries to delete
recordings during a recording when there is not enough space for the current
recording) because to excessive fileoperations sometimes brings errors into
my recordings.
> Best regards, Jori

Thanks for the hint :)


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