[vdr] Cleanup Thread (like .update)

Mario Schellenberger schelli at gmx.net
Thu Sep 29 15:23:40 CEST 2005

hgm.bg schrieb:
> Hi Klaus,
> Is there a possibility to implement the same way .update works a way to
> start the cleanup thread which is deleting the deleted recordings ? I'm
> usually low an diskspace and when try to free space for new recordings it
> takes mostly more than 5 minutes of an idle VDR to delete the recordings on
> the system. Sometimes 5 Minutes is too long :). Is this harcoded anywhere in
> the code ? Than it would be enough for me to shorten this amount of time.

another solution would be to use the "undelete" plugins, which allows to 
undelete and to permanently delete the deleted recordings ...


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