[vdr] streamdev-client -- doesn't connect to streamdev-server --> "Channel not available"

Thomas Glomann mailinglists at glomann.de
Thu Sep 29 20:59:35 CEST 2005

> networked-xine:
> pros:
>  + vdr-xine is actively developped and supported, the network patch is
>    a simple hack.
>  + only one vdr setup
>  + fast channel switching
>  + very stable.
> cons:
>  - only accept one viewer. you can't have 2 xine-ui processes
>    connecting to vdr
>  - fastforward/etc seems to be a bit laggy/buggy. (don't know if it
>    happens with original vdr-xine)

In my case, there is only one client, so this wouldn't be a problem.
I think I will try this solution then. Sounds really promising as it is 
probably  exactly what I need. 
I have a silent epia computer acting as a recording server, and I want to 
watch streamed TV on my laptop. 

One more question, will the server part need a fullfeatured card? or will a 
budget one be enough? or are there any other requirements on the server side?
as far as i see it, I have to have a xine working on the server. why? I only 
have a very low power computer, so I hope this xine won't have to do a lot :)
and will I need an installation of X on the server (because of xine)? I hope 

> streamdev:
> pros:
>  + provides http and vtp streams
>  + you can have more than one view at the same time
> cons:
>  - the author hasn't too much time to work on it at the moment.
>  - for vtp, you need several vdr setups. far too much things are
>    duplicated in that case. on the vdr-streamdev-client you can add
>    timers on the vdr-server but you have to use a special menu. if you
>    press record in the schedule menu on a client the recording will be
>    made on the client (and it's not configurable) imho it's not
>    optimal.
>  - not very stable, especially with several viewers.
> i use both plugins but mainly vdr-networked_xine.
> Unfortunatly both don't work that well when used at the same time
> ex: vdr-networked_xine live watching is stopped when you start a
> http stream.

> Anyway both plugins are essential to me. thanks again to the authors !

Yes! I can only repeat that ! Great thank you to the brave programmers out 
there !! :)

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