[vdr] streamdev-client -- doesn't connect to streamdev-server --> "Channel not available"

Thomas Glomann mailinglists at glomann.de
Thu Sep 29 21:35:20 CEST 2005

> > as far as i see it, I have to have a xine working on the server. why?
> you need the xine *plugin* on the server, not xine. You'll need xine
> sources on the server if you're going to compile the plugin there but
> not a running xine (of course you can run xine on the server to watch tv
> directly there).
> Bye

ah, now i got it :)

i certainly don't wanto to watch directly on the server, so no ff-card and no 
X, -> very light-weight linux.  exactly what I am looking for!

Again, Many Thanks to you all!


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