[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-skinsoppalusikka-0.0.7

Rolf Ahrenberg rahrenbe at cc.hut.fi
Sun Apr 2 17:30:13 CEST 2006


yet another weekly bugfix release is available. Hopefully all the 
VPS and logo cache related bugs are now ironed out...

2006-04-02: Version 0.0.7
- Fixed VPS time string in event info menu (Thanks to Sebastian Kemper 
for reporting this one).
- Updated theme files.
- Added new setup options to de/activate plugin features.
- Added event symbols into schedule menu and new indicator symbol into 
recordings menu.
   Running event symbol is based on Wareagle icon patch and thanks to 
Mikko Salo for providing other new symbols.
- Fixed crash bug while flushing logo cache.
- Fixed logo directory location after flushing logo cache.


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