[vdr] pvr350 TV out not working with VDR

Harri Kaimio harri at kaimio.fi
Wed Apr 5 07:25:50 CEST 2006


status update: I got my TV-out working with VDR 1.3.41 and older
versions. So it seems that something changed between 1.3.41 and 1.3.44
breaks the PVR350 plug-in. I'll try to find out the exact reason, any
help is appreciated...


Harri Kaimio wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having problems installing PVR-350 as VDR output device. I have VDR
> 1.3.44 and vdr-pvr350 0.0.4pre1 plugin. I get only OSD information on my
> TV - no video nor audio.
> VDR works OK with softdevice and the PVR350 TV-out works with other
> software (I can even play VDR recordings using simply "cat <vdrfile> >
> /dev/video16". So HW seems to be working but something in my VDR
> installation is broken.
> Any ideas? Or has anyone succeeded with this combination?
> BR, Harri
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