[vdr] MP3/MPlayer pre-release

Soeren Sonnenburg vdr-ml at nn7.de
Wed Apr 5 21:17:14 CEST 2006

On Wed, 05 Apr 2006 18:04:24 +0000, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:

> On 05 Apr 2006 Soeren Sonnenburg <vdr-ml at nn7.de> wrote:
>> I've tested your version and found that the mplayer volume fix does not work.
>> The attached patch makes it *really* work (well at least it is working here :) 
> I'm a bit confused now.
> I have a possible response that the current code IS working (with
> a very little change though, the fix is in pre5).

Hmmhh I can assure you that it works here and was completely messed up
(*here*) up before...

> I checked MPlayer 1.0pre2 (which I'm using), pre6 and pre7try2 and none
> of them seem to support a float argument with "volume"
> (MP_CMD_ARG_INT in input/input.c).
> What version are you using?

Indeed I am using todays mplayer cvs and did not check how it that was
dealt with in older versions... however the set absolute value seems to be
in older versions...

  { MP_CMD_VOLUME, "volume", 1, { { MP_CMD_ARG_FLOAT,{0} }, {MP_CMD_ARG_INT,{0}}, {-1,{0}} } },

    // Audio
    { "volume", mp_property_volume, CONF_TYPE_FLOAT,
      M_OPT_RANGE, 0, 100, NULL },

This suggests that you should use the 'set absolute value feature' and %d
and round() the value to be backwards compatible...

> Is there any documentation about a float argument?

basically lines 1967 and 2048 ff. in mplayer.c in mplayer cvs...
and line 69 in input/input.c

Sorry for the confusion I've caused...

All the best,

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