[vdr] MP3/MPlayer pre-release

Stefan Huelswitt s.huelswitt at gmx.de
Fri Apr 7 20:24:16 CEST 2006

On 07 Apr 2006 Niko Mikkila <nm at phnet.fi> wrote:

> I doubt VDR OSD has currently any chance of working along with MPlayer
> for anything else than the FF cards. That's because usually MPlayer
> either uses a different output window than the process that displays
> VDR's OSD, or MPlayer reserves the output device so that nothing can be
> drawn on top unless it is done through MPlayer itself. Apparently the
> FF cards let multiple processes write to the OSD layer (or MPlayer is
> set to not use the OSD), but for Dxr3, the Dxr3 plugin closes its
> output completely while MPlayer is running to let MPlayer access the
> device.

The point seems to be that the OSD is drawn through
/dev/dvb/adapterX/osd while the playback from mplayer is through
/dev/dvb/adapterX/video+audio. OSD device is not closed by VDR
while mplayer is running. AFAIK mplayer is not able to use
hardware OSD.


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