[vdr] Problems with xine's aspect ratio & padding with 4:3 aspect ratio

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Tue Apr 11 23:13:49 CEST 2006

I am viewing NTSC-M with a 4:3 aspect ratio using vdr-1.3.46 and xine-0.7.8.
Standard definition broadcasting.  My television resolution is set to
720x480 at 60Hz with my ModeLine:

ModeLine        "720x480_60"      28.20    720  736  856  896    480  490  493
525 -hsync -vsync

I have noticed that when I play a vdr recording (001.vdr) with mplayer using the
XV video output, I get full screen on my television (no black borders) with
perfect aspect ratio.  But, when I play the same vdr recording (001.vdr) with
xine and XV video output, there are huge amounts of padding (black borders) on
the television.  It is like xine can not expand the 4:3 aspect ratio to properly
fit my tv.  Is there a way to make it zoom out a little so it doesnt look like
that with the black borders on all four sides of the video on the tv?  Mplayer
looks just fine at full screen.. I'm just trying to get the same output. I have
tried disabling video scaling inside xine and that did not help.


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