[vdr] Re: Problems with xine's aspect ratio & padding with 4:3 aspect ratio

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Apr 12 08:16:40 CEST 2006

C.Y.M wrote:
> C.Y.M wrote:
>> I am viewing NTSC-M with a 4:3 aspect ratio using vdr-1.3.46 and xine-0.7.8.
>> Standard definition broadcasting.  My television resolution is set to
>> 720x480 at 60Hz with my ModeLine:
>> ModeLine        "720x480_60"      28.20    720  736  856  896    480  490  493
>> 525 -hsync -vsync
>> I have noticed that when I play a vdr recording (001.vdr) with mplayer using the
>> XV video output, I get full screen on my television (no black borders) with
>> perfect aspect ratio.  But, when I play the same vdr recording (001.vdr) with
>> xine and XV video output, there are huge amounts of padding (black borders) on
>> the television.  It is like xine can not expand the 4:3 aspect ratio to properly
>> fit my tv.  Is there a way to make it zoom out a little so it doesnt look like
>> that with the black borders on all four sides of the video on the tv?  Mplayer
>> looks just fine at full screen.. I'm just trying to get the same output. I have
>> tried disabling video scaling inside xine and that did not help.
> Manually using the horizontal and vertical zoom in xine fixes the aspect ratio.
>  But, I hate to have to manually fix it each time I start xine. Is there a way
> to automate the zoom for dvb?

Not yet, I think. I know, it's very annoying, and when using a non-X11
xine frontend like fbxine or df_xine there isn't any possibility to
_properly_ adjust the aspect ratio on TV. Having to manually adjust
zooming or even fixed aspect ratios is nothing we would want to do on a
STB-like system when switching channels.
Once I fixed this behaviour in df_xine (DirectFB-devel ML), but the
author of df_xine then didn't care to adopt my patch, mainly because he
doesnt see such artifacts, I think, like it often happens with someone
who has no need for something, or due to own hardware/software setup
can't reproduce odd behaviours.
Well, my patch was finally achieving what I wanted: not having me to
cycle through df_xine's built in fixed aspect ratios on each switch to a
channel with strange resolutions (like 544x576 or even less horizontal
resolution -  you see I'm talking about PAL, but the problems are the
same). The "automatic" setting which df_xine was origanlly offering
produced terrible judder on the TV-out, mainly because of field parity,
I guess, and it didn't care of pixel aspect anyway.
I think it is time to try and fix this deeper in the code of xine-lib...

Just my 2 cents,

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