[vdr] Encrypted channel without cam and channel switching

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Apr 14 13:16:19 CEST 2006

Antti Hartikainen wrote:
> Hello..
> I today finally proved that this feature is in vanilla vdr and not with any plugin/patch.
> If setting encrypted channel CA to 0 (FTA), so i can change to "encrypted" channel.. After few seconds vdr gots "real" CA value from the 
> stream, shows channel few secs and then thinks channel is unavailable, and changes channel until it founds channel that it thinks it can 
> tune for..
> There are some channels in hotbird that have CA-value, but aren't really encrypted. This annoying "feature" has been added somewhere 
> before 1.3.34 i think.

What exactly are you referring to as an "annoying feature"?
I'd say the annoying thing here is that the provider is setting
a CA value that doesn't correspond to the actual situation!
If the channel is advertised as "encrypted", VDR searches for a device
that can decrypt the advertised mode, and if it doesn't find one, that
channel is unavailable.

> In my opinion, there should be an option to disable this "feature".. Changing CA to DVB card number is possible tho, but i have two 
> DVB-S cards so it is not an option for me. Or is there CA-value that covers all different type cards (T/S/C) and on the same time says 
> "don't touch this CA-field"?

No, there isn't.

The CA values are used to find a proper device for receiving encrypted
channels. This is especially necessary in case there are several devices
and only one (or some) of them is able to decrypt a given channel.
Before this, the user had to "hardwire" the channels to the devices,
and it didn't react automatically when a new CAM was inserted or one
was removed.

Maybe it would be a good idea to contact the provider and ask them
why they are marking an FTA broadcast as "encrypted"?

Or is there another flag or parameter in the SI data that could be
used to determine whether a channel is actually encrytped or not?


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