[vdr] doesn't work :( pls help

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Apr 16 20:18:30 CEST 2006


tasos wrote:

> ok i hope this will be my last post on this topic.
> i have downloaded
> http://www.zwez.com/sat/vdr/vdr_1.3.x/index.html
> the channels.conf and i found a windows program for

Which satellite are you trying to receive?

> converting...i hope it will do the work BUT
> right now when i begin xine it shows me:
> learning remote control keys etc....OSD
> After that i see in syslog
> Apr 16 20:44:06 starla vdr: [4768] ERROR: remote
> control XineRemote not ready!
> is this an error?


> why up arrow and down doesn't change channels?i

You have to assign those keys (I assume you type them into xine's 
window) in xine's keyboard editor. See MANUAL.

VDR is going to learn keys for it's "keyboard" remote, i. e. how should 
keys typed into the terminal (where VDR was started from) control VDR.

> compiled w/ the vdr keys option....
> please help me because it took me almost 15 days to
> have this result with your help!

Don't blame other people. Most people don't want to help if it is 
obvious for them that the accompanying documentation is not read 
properly / at all. Your above question has already been answered in INSTALL.

BTW: Please try to avoid TOFU posting. See the following page for details:


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