[vdr] [Maybe OT] Anyone using vdr-remote AND ati remote control bob?

Tommi Lundell prelude at kapsi.fi
Sun Apr 16 20:32:42 CEST 2006

Luca Gervasi wrote:

>i'm using vdr with latest vdr-remote and my RF remote, but i've some
>throubles: each key is repeated at least four times, making impossible
>to switch channel and doing any other action.
>Every search on Saint Google was useless...i'm making my mind about
>modifying the remote source myself.
>Do you have any hint?
>Thanks in Advance and sorry for this [Maybe OT]
>See Ya
>...and happy easter!


Same remote here but whit LIRC atilibusb (and VDR is compiled whit 
switch REMOTE=LIRC).

And same problem too...sometimes vdr recognize key one time and 
sometimes its got key 4 times.
Probably it's not VDR fault because irw command returning following when 
i press key pretty fast:

try 1: (button 3)
00000014e40f0000 00 3 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e40f0000 01 3 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e40f0000 02 3 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e40f0000 03 3 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e40f0000 04 3 ATIUSB_5000015900A

try 2: (button 4)
00000014e5100000 00 4 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e5100000 01 4 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e5100000 02 4 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e5100000 03 4 ATIUSB_5000015900A
00000014e5100000 04 4 ATIUSB_5000015900A

That remote works fine before but after upgrade kernel or lirc or both 
it's start to repeat commands.
And if i remember right i got same problem allso whit ati_remote kernel 
module but im not 100% sure.

Currently running:
Lirc: 0.8.0
Kernel:  Linux prelude 2.6.16-gentoo-r2 #7 SMP PREEMPT Sat Apr 15 
02:55:22 EEST 2006 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) Processor GNU/Linux
vdr: 1.3.45

Btw. If someone solve that please inform me too ;-)

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