[vdr] Re: list mirroring

Ed from PVRWeb mailinglist at pvrweb.com
Wed Apr 19 12:21:22 CEST 2006

>  After some Googling I've found another web site mirroring this list
>  (http://pvrweb.com). I think the mirror is auto created, but the 
>  threads contains all the sender mail addresses for followup messages in
>  clear text.

Just to make this clear... All the incoming messages have the email 
addresses changed so they will read 'name at address.com' so this will 
not get picked up by most spam systems.  I think this is the same 
procedure used by the published copy on the main site.

Where this idea failed was that in the message in question someone had 
included the email address in the message.  I am looking into scanning 
the messages for email addresses without messing up code fragments now.

Sorry if this has caused anyone any problems.


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