[vdr] Re: list mirroring

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Wed Apr 19 13:47:16 CEST 2006

Ed from PVRWeb wrote:
>>  After some Googling I've found another web site mirroring this list
>>  (http://pvrweb.com). I think the mirror is auto created, but the 
> generated
>>  threads contains all the sender mail addresses for followup messages in
>>  clear text.
> Just to make this clear... All the incoming messages have the email 
> addresses changed so they will read 'name at address.com' so this will 
> not get picked up by most spam systems.  I think this is the same 
> procedure used by the published copy on the main site.
> Where this idea failed was that in the message in question someone had 
> included the email address in the message.  I am looking into scanning 
> the messages for email addresses without messing up code fragments now.
I believe that it is no big thing to include "support" for "email at 
host" in email-collector robots.
If "email at host" is the general format to "protect" against robots it 
will no longer be a protection.

The question is if the sender adress has to be to be published in any 
form? I think an archive is more
suitable for just following previous threads than contacting someone 
months or years later.

Regards Peter

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