[vdr] Re: list mirroring

Ed from PVRWeb mailinglist at pvrweb.com
Wed Apr 19 15:22:13 CEST 2006

Alfred wrote :

> >> For example look at this thread:
> >> http://www.pvrweb.com//bbs-old/viewtopic.php?t=3566&view=next 
> >> You will find this line:
> >>>> "Alfred" == Alfred Zastrow <dvb at zastrow4u.de> writes:
> >> BTW. Please use this mail to fix your ugly list mirror !

That is what I like nice polite people...

This is exactly the same problem.  The email is in the message.  Someone 
(or someones email client) has put it in the message.  As this is an 
issue and I hate spambots and spam I will remove all email addresses 
from messages.  I have already updated the page to drop the domains in 
the headers of the mails and the other bit will be done as soon as I 
write the code to scan the mails as they come in (and recheck all the 
old ones)

PS - check :
Your email is on more than just my website.

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