[vdr] astra and hotbird

Oliver Joa ojoa at gatrixx.com
Wed Apr 19 23:14:43 CEST 2006


i want to use astra and hotbird, but i don't know how. what is the easiest 
way? at the moment i have a quad-lnb for astra and two dvb-s cards. i 
wanted to by a additional lnb for hotbird and put it together on the 
satellite dish. but how do i have to connect it to the computer? normally 
i want to see astra, only sometimes hotbird, so i don't want to use one 
dvb-s card only for hotbird. i found a diseq-switch, wich has two in and 
one out connectors. is it possible to connect one line from astra an one 
from hotbird to that switch and from the switch to one of the dvb-cards. 
the other card stays at the second line from astra. is it possible for vdr 
to handle this?

and what if for example i watch with the dvb-card (1) which is connected 
directly to astra and at the same time i want to record at astra with the 
other dvb-card (2). should work. now i stop watching on 1 and want to see 
hotbird. what does vdr do? switch recording to 1 and watch hotbird via 2?

any other possibility to include hotbird? better solution?



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