[vdr] vdr 1.2.6, loosing whole EPG for no reason?

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Thu Apr 20 21:39:36 CEST 2006

Guido Fiala wrote:
> Since a few days i have a problem that vdr looses all its EPG entries on 
> restart, epg.data stays empty.
> (If this is relevant - the epg entries are inserted by analogtv via external 
> application)

Maybe because the time base of analogtv and the time base of VDR differ, 
and VDR thinks that all entries are outdated.
Check the system clock (including the year, I once had the clock 1 year 
in the future), and check the dates of the epg entries: You'll notice 
lines like that in epg.data:
   E 7056 1145559780 3420 4E 1D
.. starting with E. Take the big number and re-calculate the date:
   perl -e "print scalar localtime 1145559780"
   Thu Apr 20 21:03:00 2006
This date should of course be in the near future.



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