[vdr] doesn't work :( pls help

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Apr 22 21:45:01 CEST 2006


tasos wrote:

> Thank you very much!A last question.The latest version
> works great :) I compiled  1.3.6 but i cannot use

Do you mean VDR-1.3.46?

> remote.conf.any ideas on how to ask from vdr to ask me
> for the configuration of the keys???i'm trying to
> start xine imeediately but it doesn't work(the remote
> keys configutation i mean).

After VDR has learned remote keys for all known remotes (i. e. known to 
VDR by default is remote KBD), it doesn't enter learning mode anymore 
until a new remote is registered (e. g. by compiling VDR with LIRC support).

See your syslog (the lines below are an excerpt from mine):

Apr 18 22:06:29 video vdr: [11082] ERROR: remote control XineRemote not 
Apr 18 22:06:29 video vdr: [11082] remote control LIRC - keys known
Apr 18 22:06:29 video vdr: [11082] remote control KBD - keys known

Currently, there is no other way than to delete remote.conf (or at least 
you have to delete all entries for the remote which you want to learn 
again) to have VDR learn remote keys again.

But I assume, you want to make use of XineRemote. As syslog says above, 
XineRemote is not ready. Therefore no keys can be learned.

XineRemote behaves different:
a) there is no need for VDR to learn keys
b) you have to assign keys to VDR actions in xine's keymap editor

I assume, you have difficulties with b).

1. Start xine.
2. From the it's context menu, choose "Settings" => "Keymap Editor" (Alt+k).
3. Locate the entry "VDR Green button" near the end of list box.
4. Select the entry.
5. Press the button "Edit".
6. Press the button "Grab".
7. Hit the desired key (e. g. in my case "left Windows key" + "F2").
8a. If you've hit a unique key in step 7, then xine now asks for a 
confirmation to make the assignment.
8b. Otherwise you get informed about which action is currently assigned 
to the hit key. You'll first have to assign a different key to that 
action to unbind the current assignment.
9. Repeat the above steps 3 ... 9 as necessary (see MANUAL).
10. Press the button "Save".
11. Press the button "Done".

When you now hit the assigned key (for VDR Green button) in xine's 
window, VDR should show the "Schedules" menu.

Keep in mind, that you have to pass the argument "-r" (see MANUAL) to 
vdr-xine to activate passing the received keys from xine to VDR.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl
mailto:rnissl at gmx.de

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