[vdr] vdr 1.2.6, loosing whole EPG for no reason? (hint for signalless operation, 1.3.x)

Guido Fiala gfiala at s.netic.de
Mon Apr 24 18:40:34 CEST 2006

On Thursday 20 April 2006 21:39, Udo Richter wrote:
> Guido Fiala wrote:
> > Since a few days i have a problem that vdr looses all its EPG entries on
> > restart, epg.data stays empty.
> >
> > (If this is relevant - the epg entries are inserted by analogtv via
> > external application)
Of course i have given myself the answer:

Reason was not opening the fd_frontend at all, which was required for safe 
signalless operation (opening and instantly calling FE_SLEEP turned out to be 
instable as even with analogtv-only setup vdr somehome emits ioctls which 
open the frontend again which does lead to the unfamous ARM-crash due to 

So i changed dvbdevice.c so, that "scanner" and "siProcessor" are created 
anyway, even if fd_frontend is patched to stay closed.

Did i miss anything with this? At least it seems to work again now.

BTW - is there an option for similar behaviour in vdr 1.3.x ?
(i still can't use it, it is so unstable in my setup, it seems it stress the 
card to much, maybe because of the higher OSD-load? i tried it with my 
current firmware and with the recommended new firmware)

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