[vdr] Help! No lock on primary device when timer starts

Mattia Rossi mattia at technologist.com
Wed Apr 26 16:18:25 CEST 2006

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:46:46 +0200
Andreas Mair <Andreas.Mair at linogate.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm experiencing problems with my VDR box. I've used different VDR releases 
> (1.3.37 to 1.3.48), different firmwares (f62623 to fd2623) and different 
> DVB drivers (this monday's hg and original kernel The box 
> features 2 FF cards (1.3 and 2.2).
> So what happens?
> When a timer starts while watching LiveTV (ZDF or BR) the live picture gets 
> disturbed and audio consists only of some peaks. Even if I'm watching ZDF 
> and the timer is recording ZDF. The recording is fine.
> It's impossible to continue viewing that channel. The picture is only fine 
> when switching to a limited number of channels: Pro7, Sat1, Kabel1 (and 
> what else belongs to this group). Switching to Das Erste, ZDF, BR, WDR, 
> NDR... or the RTL group shows trash.
> The log is full of lines like:
> frontend 0 timed out while tuning to channel 2, tp 111953
> regained lock...
> It doesn't help if the timer stops. But restarting VDR then (no DVB drivers 
> are reloaded!) LiveTV is fine again.
> I don't know what else I can do/try :(
> Any help/hints appreciated!

Hi Andreas,
do you have two different sat cables running to the two cards or are you using the pass through cable of the rev 1.3 card to feed the sat siggnal to the 2.2 card ?

In the latter case, it is a standar behaviour, since you will be able to tune the second card only to channels that have the same polarity as the channel you are recording on the first card.

If you have indeed two different cables running from your dish, then maybe you have a faulty dual LNB and or problems with the connection.

If you explein how you connected the dish to your two cards it would help to start guessing in the right direction




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