[vdr] Help! No lock on primary device when timer starts

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Thu Apr 27 13:39:13 CEST 2006


On Wednesday 26 April 2006 20:21, Joachim Banzhaf (compuserve) wrote:
> Hallo Andreas,
> Am Mittwoch, 26. April 2006 16:31 schrieb Andreas Mair:
> > Hi Mattia,
> >
> > every DVB-S card has a cable of its own, no pass through.
> Don't know the strategy of vdr to allocate cards for recordings and live
> TV, so my guess would be, you have a problem with one of your cards - the
> one, that is only used when at least one recording started (or with the
> cabel/switch/lnb/dish used by that card)

Yesterday I made some more tests. I was watching ZDF. Then started a 
recording on Das Erste (Card 2). LiveTV was fine. So I started another 
recording on BR (Card 2 again) and everything was still fine. Then I 
recorded ZDF (Card 1): still everything fine. Then I watched some 
recordings. Still no problems.
So I'd say my cards are OK, aren't they?
After stopping all recordings and waiting some time LiveTV is broken.

I've taken a look at may satelite dish/switch and noticed that the switch's 
power supply wasn't connected. I connected it again went down to the living 
room and LiveTV on ZDF was fine again.
Broken LiveTV never cured itself before so maybe my problems came due to the 
disconnected power supply. What do you think?

> > Regards,
> > Andreas
> >
> > On Wednesday 26 April 2006 16:18, Mattia Rossi wrote:
> > > On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:46:46 +0200
> > >
> > > Andreas Mair <Andreas.Mair at linogate.com> wrote:
> > > > Hi,
> > > >
> > > > I'm experiencing problems with my VDR box. I've used different VDR
> > > > releases (1.3.37 to 1.3.48), different firmwares (f62623 to fd2623)
> > > > and different DVB drivers (this monday's hg and original kernel
> > > > The box features 2 FF cards (1.3 and 2.2).
> Did it work in the past?


> What changed since then?

Many things changed, which I all tried to downgrade to the last known 
working configuration: VDR, firmware, DVB driver, but not kernel version 
(IIRC). I had no chance to downgrade the DVB drivers as I can't find out 
what date they were from :(
And obviously the switch's power supply had been disconnected, let's hope 
that re-connecting it brings back my beloved stable VDR box...

Thanks for your attention!

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