[vdr] internet exchange of vdr files for people who are not able to receive tv-programs

b2069x b2069x at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 01:47:03 CEST 2006


I  did some internet research about finding a kind of a exchange  
server e.g. P2P with BitTorrent or whatever where it is possible to  
download vdr files. Unfortunaltely I didn't find something.

Of cause - people who are dealing with VDR have their own DVB card(s)  
to record the things they want to watch. But what about people that  
are limited to e.g. one card and want to record 2 programs .. or  
people they have no TV access at all for what ever reason.

E.g. in my former flat I ran a server with 2 DVB-S cards but I had to  
move and now for me its not possible to run a satelite system. Hmmmm.

Does somebody know an exchange or download service/server for that ....?
German and English speaking recordings would be fine.

Thanks for all hints!


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