[vdr] New short summary view for vdradmin-am-3.4.4

Joachim Banzhaf (compuserve) joachimbanzhaf at compuserve.de
Fri Apr 28 13:16:40 CEST 2006

Hi list,

I implemented an extension for vdradmin-am-3.4.4 and posted it on


It just occured to me, that not everyone likes reading german portals (I 
prefer international ML's too :-)).

So here it comes again:

actually I have two patches:

the first (vdradmin-am-3.4.4-summary-next.patch) just implemented a 
next-button on the summary view to get me warm a bit with perl.
It displays all the shows that immediatelly follow the current shows.

It was quite easy to do, so I was encouraged to start the second patch which 
actually includes the first one and adds a second summary view with just two 
lines per show (one for the title an one for the subtitle).

The patches are absolutely usable but there are still some rough edges in it. 
Maybe someone here can help out with them:

There is no translation yet, beause I don't know how to do it (the words - at, 
after, next, ... - are not the main problem;-))

The first line of the summary list should include heading infos like title, 
show, station, ... and not be just empty. Just a matter of time, i guess.

I didn't manage to display the percentage for current shows in a graphical 
manner. I thought it would be quite obvious to use something like this:

<table height="8px" width="70px" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td bgcolor=#111111 width="19%"> </td>
    <td bgcolor=#eeeeee> </td>

and it works standalone (see test.html.gz or test.png) but not in vdradmin-am. 
I suspect css is in my way, but my knowledge on this is not enough to solve 

The code for the new summary is just a copy and paste of the old view with 
only a few changes. Someone with more perl knowledge than me may want to 
merge the code. Even better (in my opinion) would be a persistent toggle in 
the header of the old summary view that switches to the new view and back.

Last, Andreas Mair - the current author/maintainer of the vdradmin-am fork - 
didn't like the big icons that I reused too much. Maybe someone can provide 
us with a set of new small icons like in the autotimer view?

For those of you not that familiar with using patches:
untar vdradmin-am-3.4.4.tar.bz2
change in the new vdradmin-am-3.4.4 directory.
Patch with patch -p0 /path/to/the/patchfile
start the modified ./vdradmind.pl

Thats it so far, keep your ideas, patches, icons etc. coming...

Joachim Banzhaf
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