[vdr] missing piece at end of cutted recording

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Apr 29 11:57:03 CEST 2006

Joerg Riechardt wrote:
> * I record a film
> * I set 2 marks (time a and time b) and cut
> * in the cutted film there are 2 marks as well (time c and time d)
> * I compare the length of the piece between the 2 marks in the original 
> with the cutted film: d-c is shorter than b-a, the differenc is b-(last 
> i-frame before b)
> * if the cutted film is very short, like 10 seconds, you see that after 
> d there is a little more film, but not enough that you could shift mark 
> d further to the end
> this is with the last vdr versions and vdr-xine.
> do others have the same effect? is this known? is there a fix?

This is normal.

Editing marks can only be set at I-frame positions.
With marks at I-frames 'a' and 'b', everything from
'a' to the frame *before* 'b' (which is either a P- or
a B-frame) will go into the edited version.

At the time this was implemented in cCuttingThread::Action()
it seemed like the simplest solution to stop right before
the last mark, and for a normal (i.e. reasonably long)
recording this shouldn't make much of a difference.
But I agree that with shorter recordings this might
be irritating.

I currently see no reason why the last I-frame couldn't
be part of the edited version. However, there is

   esyslog("ERROR: 'I' frame at end of file #%d", *FileNumber);

in cIndexFile::GetNextIFrame(), so any change in that area
would require more thought. So this will have to wait until after
version 1.4.


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