[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-softdevice-0.2.3

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sun Apr 30 16:49:46 CEST 2006


softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
is pleased to announce a new release of vdr softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

Supported vdr versions: 1.2.x, 1.3.x and 1.4.0

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

Changelog since last release:
2006-04-30: softdevice-0.2.3
   - enable build of ShmClient and video-shm when possible.
   - disable interlaced vs. not-interlaced (progressive) reporting
     via syslog. it's changing in seconds intervall for some stations.
   - dfb: fix screen not blanked with audio only stream.
   - change volume handling to no longer change the alsa-mixer settings
   - fix black screen for some aspect ratios using ShmClient
   - fix ShmClient blank screen every 4s
   - xv + dfb: removed some unused code.
   - vidix + fb: adjusted to use videoInitialized.
   - call Initialize() after all video constructors.
   - dfb: OSD responsivness in paused mode.
   - added volume changing without changing the alsa-mixer control (to use it
     add -DNO_MIXER, currently experimental)
   - fix for vdr-1.3.48
   - remove duplicate remote code, call ProcessEvents() from the video thread
     and remove the RC thread
   - no longer link ShmClient to vdr objects
   - fix some includes
   - probably fix for processors not supporting mmx2
   - updated finnish translations (by Rolf Ahrenberg).
   - video-dfb: fix for crash at startup when software OSD blending was active.
   - video-xv: changed local flag initialized to videoInitialized of our super class.
   - cut away the left- and rightmost column of the osd
   - Expand top/bottom line and left/right coloumns (from vdr-portal).
   - Zoom feature, zoomed area may be shifted around.
   - yv12 -> yuy2 converter for field based chroma.
   - remember interlaced mode of current frame.
   - some preparations for some more XvImage formats (not yet selectable).
   - Restricted OSD alpha blend option to XV and VIDIX out.
   - started some documentation of our various OSD options.
   - applied patch for mono upmix from Lucian Muresan
   - applied Makefile patch from Antti Seppälä
   - apply slightly modified patch by Thomas Günter which fixes improper
     includes of vdr header files
   - fix compilation without Xinerama support
   - Xinerama support (detection and build requires to run configure).
   - reactivate use of source x/y offsets for Xv*PutImage(..) operations.
   - remove the image copy overhead from the ShmClient
   - catch errors on osd and xv image creation
   - support for non-shared memory xv
   - Fix StillPicture handling when no PES header is sent
     (for example streamdev-server-plugin)
   - redraw video layer on OSD close in software mode
   - use OsdWidth and OsdHeight for drawing osd layer
   - MMX version of AYUV_to_AYUV420P()
   - shortcut for AYUV no scale OSD modes
   - tune some parameters to avoid unecessary rescaling/redrawing of the OSD
   - some german translations
   - fix compilation of shm-client
   - fix compilation of video-shm
   - fix OSD drawn at wrong location in software OSD blending mode when
     cropping is active
   - fix bug #6409 (OSD not refreshed fast enough in software OSD blending mode
     when video is paused)
   - fix crash / deadlocks at startup in 16:9 mode in software OSD blending mode

Stefan Lucke

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