[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-pin-0.0.15

Jörg Wendel vdr-ml at jwendel.de
Sun Apr 30 19:07:41 CEST 2006


a new version (0.0.15) of the pin plugin available at www.jwendel.de

The pin-plugin is a kind of configurable child protection for channels, broadcasts, recordings and scripts.

From the version history:

 * #15 30.04.06,      added:   french translations (thanks to Pat!)
 *                    changed: Makefile due to VDR's new APIVERSION feature
 *                    added:   Patch for vdr 1.4.0
 * #14 08.04.06,      added:   protection feature for scripting
 * #13 26.03.06,      bugfix:  autoProtectionMode now respect start time
 *                             of event (needed since channels not 
 *                             protected every time)
 * #12 20.03.06,      change:  now using aux field in timer config
 *                    bugfix:  autoProtectionMode will now restored from config
 *                             (Bug reported by rookie1, thanks!)
 *                    bugfix:  autoProtectionMode now working even with vdr 1.3.44
 *                             (Bug reported by rookie1, thanks!)

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