[vdr] Blank screen when switching channels on same transponder with Dpid

Tomas Berglund tomber at telia.com
Sat Aug 5 21:29:28 CEST 2006

Hi all.

Please help me with my problem.

When switching channel between two channels on same transponder with both
Apid1 and Dpid1 set the screen goes blank and the sound stops.. I can switch
between a channel with only Apid and a channel with Dpid without problems. I
have only two channels with dolby and they are on the same transponder so I
can't test with another channel.

My channel.conf:
TV4;Com Hem:290000:C0M64:C:6875:4147:4403=sve:7987:500,B00:1012:40999:45:0

I start vdr with SVT1, ok
switch to SVT2, ok
and back to SVT1, blank screen and no sound (EPG ok)
switch to TV4, ok
switch to TV4Plus, ok
back to SVT1, ok
switch to SVT2, ok
switch to SVT1, blank screen and no sound 

If I set "update channels=no" in setup and Dpid1=0 on SVT1+SVT2 everything
UseDolbyDigital=yes/no has no effect.

My stuff:

Nexus-CA DVB-C, 3.5" CI, Conax CAM (tested with Viaccess also)
VDR 1.4.1-2 no plugins 
Newest dvb-driver (many tested) 
1.34 firmware (app 80f22623)

How do I debug this...? 

Tomas Berglund

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