[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-1.4.0 Alternative Channel Patch 0.0.3

Jochen Noller mrjoe at gmx.net
Sun Aug 6 17:19:45 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I would like to submit the improved alternative channel patch 
for vdr 1.4.0. There was a problem with uninitialized variables 
with 0.0.2 which should be solved by taking directly the channel 
id instead of storing the channel id-string.

What's the patch for:
This patch add to vdr the function of an alternative channel 
for recordings. With this patch vdr will use the alternative
channel for a recording whenever the original channel is not
available (for example another recording on the same card
on another transponder is running)

What's the benefit:
Now you can add an alternative record channel for a assumed
better channel regarding the quality. In my case I use this
for DVB-C channels and add as an alternative analogue channels.
There is no recursive function in this patch!

How to use the patch:
Untar the attachement. There you will find two files. The patch
an the configuration file for this feature. You have to put 
the configuration file to vdr's configuration directory (same
directory, where the channels.conf is stored) and rename it
to channel_alternative.conf. The next step is to patch the
vdr-source like this: patch < vdr-1.4.0_AlternativeChannelPatch_0.0.3.diff
There should be no rejects.
After this you have to adapt the configuration file in the following
Add a line for each "alternative channel"-pair like this
channel id of the original channel;channel id of the alternative channel

The Patch will not affect live TV - at least at the moment.

This patch manipulates directly the recording behaviour of vdr! Be
careful and check your first recordings when you use alternative
recording channels.

Have fun.


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